Writing and Editing Services

Do you need someone to put your ideas into words? Do you need help polishing up your manuscript for publication? Let me help you with your writing or editing project. I can provide customized writing and editing to meet your precise needs.

I am a freelance copy editor, writer and blogger based in Northwest Ohio. I have more than ten years of experience in writing and editing.

My formal training includes a master of arts in journalism and bachelor’s degrees in English, history and Jewish studies. I have spent time working at two different newspapers and a copy-editing company. I was an editor on David Luck’s Scraps and Freida McFadden’s The Devil Wears Scrubs. I have also been blogging in different formats for ten years, most recently at www.creativekidsplay.com.

I want to help you make your writing sound pristine. I can edit for grammar, style and plot consistency. I offer help as simple as proofreading or as complex as rewriting manuscripts. I can also write original copy to suit your needs.

Contact me at jenica.schultz@gmail.com or 419-806-9555 to discuss your project.


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